Carnval in Madeira



Time: 2pm
Location: Funchal

This year’s theme is Madeira – Magic Moments

The Carnival will be celebrated through out the first weeks of February from 6 to the 13th. The highlight of festivities will be on the 9th at the Carnival Float Parade which will feature the following groups:

- “The Magic of the Full Moon” – João Egídio Rodrigues
- “25th anniversary of Turma do Funil” – Turma do Funil
- “Prophetia ” – José Orlando Fernandes Vieira
- “Magical Nights, Nights of Fun” – Sorrisos de Fantasia
- “A Magical Night!” – Bairro da Argentina Sports Cultural and Recreational Association
- “The Magic of a Dream” – Caneca Furada Samba School
- “Charms of Nature” – Geringonça Entertainment Association
- “With friendliness, beauty and allure, it’s Carnival! My island will touch your heart”– Fura Samba Association
- “Glitter and Glamour” – Os Cariocas Samba School
- “The Magic of Love …” – Fábrica de Sonhos

A more traditional parade (Slapstick Parade) entitled in Portuguese “Os Trapalhões” will be held on Tuesday in the afternoon on the streets of Funchal and it is open for all.

Check this years program at the following link

For a little bit of insight into its traditions in Madeira you can check out the following link: